Oelek, Badjak, Brandal ?

I have not learned a different language. Its actually Indonesian. These are the names of different sambal's (hot sauce) that we have in the store as part of the Indonesian collection.

Now this post is more of a question than a story. I'd really love to hear what kind you prefer, and mostly why.

Oelek is the hottest one I know, and is made almost entirely of ground chili peppers. The Brandal and Badjak varieties have different spices added making them more flavorful. Personally I prefer these ones as I am the only one in our house who enjoys spicy food. And yet, my tastes are quite tame compared to some friends I know who load up on the sambal. 

Please get your Indonesian aunt to comment below, and maybe give us more history and detail of the sambals! Looking forward to your comments.