Breaking Bread  

Spelt Breaking Bread.jpg

We want the 'breaking bread together' in our logo to be more than words. Come in to the bakery February 12 - 17 and help us build community. Allow us to share our featured bread with you. This month we will be sharing our Spelt Bread.

 It is made with 100% organic spelt flour, producing a very dense loaf. As you might be aware, spelt flour has very little gluten and this makes it easy to digest. Actually, most of the gluten in the bread, and it is a very small amount, comes from contact with the air and table in the bakery. The sunflower seeds in the bread give it a delightful crunch while at the same time adding natural fat. To conclude, spelt is spelt. It is not wheat or rye or any other grain. So it has a totally different taste than your regular loaf.