Baked Goods

From Apple Tortes to Mocha Cake, and Dutch Bread to Raisin (loaded) Buns there’s lots to enjoy.

Besides our large assortment of Dutch bread and pastries we are proud of our Artisan Italian Ciabatta and crusty Milano Buns. Our German Light Rye is one of our favorite heavier breads as well. 

Most of our breads are made without any additives or color, just basic, pure and fresh ingredients!

Some of our recipes were used by the ‘Sherbrooke Bakery’ for many years, others were brought into Canada more recently. What they have in common is that they’re rooted in an authentic, hand-crafted Dutch tradition which makes them just plain delicious.

Deli & Grocery

Indulge yourself in the sights, flavours and aromas of food with a track record. Our full service deli counter and aisles of shelves are loaded with old-world traditional foods and European delights.

In addition to Dutch products, we carry an assortment of German and Italian specialties that many of our customers have come to appreciate.

Roam the aisles and experience how deeply satisfying a traditional food culture can be.

Stay awhile over a cup of rich Douwe Egberts coffee and something special from the bakery. Re-awaken your palate in our warm and sociable atmosphere, where you’ll come to know the baker by name — and he’ll come to know yours.


Weekly specials


We stock gezellig

It’s a nearly untranslatable Dutch word that means, an enjoyable comfortable, expansive and sociable time or place, usually with food or drink at hand. You’ll experience gezellig when you spend time at Dutch Delicious. Meanwhile, this virtual tour will give you a taste for what’s in store. 

“Siebe is a very passionate and generous individual. (..) He is the true definition of what it means to break bread together. Fantastic!”
— Angela V.